About Helasarana

Formed in July 1996 by a group of Sri Lankans living in the UK to support charitable projects in Sri Lanka.Received UK Government approved charity status in August 2002.Currently more than 150 dedicated members and supporters from UK and abroad.Executive committee of 17 members in UK ( all volunteers )Hela Sarana branch in Sri Lanka. ( 2 volunteer & 4 paid employees )  

What We Do…

A board of executive committee members governs Hela Sarana a non-profit organisation formed for charitable purposes. The committee provides the leadership and is responsible for the standards and governance necessary to achieve our core objectives and performance monitoring. Hela Sarana was formed with a primary objective of facilitating the improvement of quality of life in Srilankan communities in Sri Lanka through charity. Board members in the UK and Sri Lanka are unpaid volunteers. Unpaid board members in Sri Lanka manage two paid staff members who do the fieldwork. The board is made of 17 members with wide variety of skills and expertise. The board in the UK meet minimum of six times every year and the Sri Lanka team meet during 1st week of every month of the year. The board complies with all governing regulations and charity laws that affect us. Our business operating structure is flexible and is modified according to the aims, resources and the framework and timelines for each project in Sri Lanka.