Helasarana Board of Management

At  Hela Sarana ,non profit charity , run and managed by a board of executive committee members. The committee provides the leadership , approve policies , plans ,budgets to achieve our core objectives and monitors performance against them. The committee is  formed  for community and charitable purposes in Sri Lanka. The  charity comply with all governing documents , charity laws , other legislations.


The committee  members in the UK and in Sri Lanka  are solely  unpaid volunteers. In Sri Lanka  two part time staff who provide services for pay to the organisation. Two paid staff  spend on field work activities.


The committee is made of 17 members  with wide variety  of skills and expertise. The committee  in the UK meet minimum of six times every year and Sri Lanka team meet 1st week of the every month of the year.


Our business operating structure  is flexible and this is not a one- size- fit  ,as  It depends considerably  on aims , resources and more often  the size ,the type , the level of work  involved and the time that the work carried out in Sri Lanka.


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