What We Do

We have recognised this as a problem which cannot be handled by a single organisation. Therefore we have commenced awareness building among other interested groups regarding CKD as one of our main tasks. We aim to mobilise more organisations to implement projects for this objective and also involve individuals to contribute and help in our projects. Individuals can contribute with time, money, expertise or any other resources. We conducted a Workshop in October 2013 to build awareness amongst Sri Lankan charities, Religious organisations, OBAs and OGAs in London. We have been able to build a network with those who are working on this issue including other expats from countries such as the USA, Australia and Canada.

We have been providing small amounts of medical consumables to Anuradhapura hospital and recently committed to provide 15 dialysis catheters with a cost of £ 3000. We are providing breakfast for 30 patients who has to travel long distances for the dialysis treatment. Providing Education Grants monthly to selected children from Chronic Kidney Disease affected families is another ongoing project. We have selected a village that is highly affected by this disease and focus on humanitarian support activities and research in this village. There is a natural spring which is about 15 km away from this village. A survey among people who drink water from this spring revealed that they can prevent the disease, thus this water is clean. We are working on building a water tank to collect water from a natural spring and transport this water to our selected village (Kanugaha Wewa in Kebithigollewa) and distributing this water for drinking and cooking purposes. We hope to implement a micro-finance scheme in this village too. We have also undertaken a project to revive available scientific literature on low cost water filtering and remediation methods of contaminated water.